My Brothers Girlfriend Dropped My Baby And I'm Not Sure What To Do About Her

've only known her for a little while but she seemed nice enough so I let her hold my baby boy for a little while. She was standing in the kitchen with my brother and I just talking. My baby threw up on her face and her reaction was to scream and throw her hands up in front of her face! Of course by doing that she dropped him and he fell on the kitchen floor. I was totally shocked as I swooped down to see if he was ok. Meanwhile my brothers gf jumps over us and sticks her face into the sink to clean up. I was so angry! After I realized the baby was ok I turned and shouted at her and she just cowered in the corner like she was scared of me and started crying.
Now I realize it was an accident and it wasn't like she threw him down on purpose to be mean but still... God I'm still upset. He could have been seriously injured just because she had a little throw up on her face! I have never seen anyone so grossed out by a babys bodily fluid that they actually let go of the baby and run around screaming!! Like, what is wrong with her mentally?? She did apologize and after a while I told her it was ok even though I was still upset because the girl is sensitive. My brother was pretty upset too and he helped me pick up my son off the floor.
I really fear for her future kids.. Is she gonna do the same thing if they vomit/poop/pee on her??? That stuff is gonna happen if you have a baby!! I just can't stop beating myself up over letting that girl hold him in the first place. I feel like a horrible mother now and that it was really my fault. My father said I should press charges. Do you think that would be going to far? Any advice would be great. Thanks!

  1. Christa2 days ago

    If you think she did it on purpose, press charges. But if it was really an accident, what good would that do - make her feel worse? If she was cowering in a corner crying my guess is she felt pretty bad about what she did!

    Sometimes people without kids are really grossed out by baby fluids - until they have kids of their own. Heck, some parents are grossed out by anything that comes out of a baby that isn't their own. Do you drop the baby? Hell, no, but if this girl is young and doesn't have any experience with babies, it's not *that* shocking.

    Of course it's horrible to have your baby fall but try to remember it's not YOUR fault. It's probably not really hers if she was just scared. I was holding my first when she was tiny and a spider jumped off the ceiling right onto my lap. Well, let me tell you, my baby was this close to rolling off my lap onto the floor because my first (silly) impulse was to stand up to get the spider off!

    I bet this girl feels horrible. You don't have to forgive her but like you said, she didn't throw him to the floor. It was an accident :(

  2. Mommyofboys2 days ago

    I don't want to scare you but you should maybe take your baby in to get checked. My nephew threw himself out of his dad's arms and we almost ended up losing him bc his brain ended up swelling. Just as a precaution might be best to get checked.

    The reaction to some puke was an overreaction, May have been a mistake that she dropped the baby, but honestly though I think it was intentional. There's really no way to prove it so I would suggest just leaving it be, but just avoid her holding the baby in the future.

  3. Cheerio7772 days ago

    She might have overreacted because she was an only child and has never had to clean up after a sibling or a pet. Hope she is better with her own kids.

  4. Amina_quinzellmommy18 hours ago

    It does hurt your feelings to know that even though she was insensitive to that fact that a baby unintentionally vomit on her, she didn't even check to see if he was OK. Even though she didn't mean it, her first reaction was her honest. I hope your brother takes note. As for you, pray for her and pray for yourself. Allowing forgiveness for her and yourself. As he gets older, the falls get more heart throbbing ❤

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