Labor & Delivery

What’s your birth plan? Use the Labor & Delivery forum to connect with other moms who have similar birth plans for welcoming their new bundle of joy into the world. Or if you’re still on the fence about how you want your birth experience to playout, find out what other moms have on their plan.

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Where did you birth?
Christa • Jan 16
Labor & Delivery 25
Any homebirthers around??
Lovey • Jan 11
Labor & Delivery 15
What would you change about your delivery if you could?
Lovey • Mar 26
Labor & Delivery 14
Natural delivery
Earthgirl2014 • Sep 9
Labor & Delivery 13
Alone in Nyc... want to help a stranger and maybe make a friend? :-)
Osha 34 • Jan 21
Labor & Delivery 2
What to pack in the hospital bag???
Meg • Feb 20
Labor & Delivery 10
Got Labor and Delivery questions??
JJ • Jan 29
Labor & Delivery 4