Any homebirthers around??

I'm really curious to talk to moms who opted out of the hospital! Wasn't a choice for us but looking into it because I'm not getting any younger and so we're thinking about fast tracking another baby. Did not have a good hospital experience AT ALL.

  1. SoCalMomOf31 year ago

    Here! :) Ive had two homebirths. My mom is a licensed midwife and was there to support through the delivery.Well, kinda.

  2. Christa1 year ago

    Very cool, SoCalMomOf3, that you had that resource! In MA there are a lot of weird rules about who can attend homebirths so I think I would have been too nervous to try even though I didn't need any interventions and my kids were healthy.

  3. SoCalMomOf31 year ago

    Rules like what? I know my mom said california has some rules too but it i think it has more to do with procedure when you're assisting with a family member.

  4. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    I had two home births -- one really tough one and one picture perfect one! I wouldn't change a thing about either of them; they're part of our story :) With my first, everything went really fast and seemed to be textbook labor. Afterwards I had to transfer to the hospital for some internal bleeding and then it all went downhill really fast. Three years later we had our second at home again and this time everything went just as it should (still insanely difficult, of course, because it's labor, right?). Ultimately, though, it was hard for me to force myself to rest for three days! I was up and showered and walking around that same day. Having had two very different experiences was good for me because I'll never get my girls' birth stories mixed up :) Are you nervous about homebirth or do you have friends who have shared stories about it? My favorite part is that I didn't have to get in the car and drive while in labor -- I can't imagine having to do that! It's also so nice to already be in your own bed resting and not having hospital staff bothering you every hour.

  5. E.Silva1 year ago

    It may have been the hospital you were at. If homebirth turns out not to be a feesible option for you try a different one this time around. I had 3 different babies in 3 different hospitals (We had moved between each birth) and all 3 experiences were mostly great. I hope this time around the birth goes well for you. I think the key for me was being open to whatever has to happen but firm in what you want. Flexibility is key.

  6. Christa1 year ago

    SoCalMomOf3: It has to do with what sort of licensing a midwife can have when attending a homebirth. In MA, a CNM will lose her license if she attends at a homebirth in an official capacity. There's a specific designation, IIRC, that is for homebirth midwives..

  7. Lara Cole1 year ago

    We had planned a homebirth - our baby girl ended up being breech, so we had to go to the hospital for an emergency C-section. But I would certainly opt for the homebirth/midwife style again. Laboring at home was great and now that I've been through it, I would NOT choose the hospital.

  8. Hannah Plaskus1 year ago

    Hi! Almost 2 years ago, I wanted to have a homebirth but my mom wasn't supporting it, which was important to me, so I bad my daughter in a birthing center. My mom was so impressed by how well I did that she fully supported me planning a homebirth with my son. In early January I had him at home and it was the most relaxing, fulfilling, and best experience ever. I had my excellent midwife there for only an hour before he was born, but her voice and her calming words helped me through the worst of the labor and a couple of her old tricks helped me push my son out in only a few minutes. I can't wait to start my training to become a certified doula and then to start getting experience to someday become a midwife.

  9. SoCalMomOf311 months ago

    Oh! I see. Yeah, my mom is a CLM. Im sure the rules are different here in California, too.

  10. ladamaG10 months ago

    I'm planning a homebirth, pregnant with my first. Can't wait! It has always been my dream to have a home birth because i was born at home, and come from a community the really supports home birthing.

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