Where did you birth?

Just curious - are you a hospital mom, a birth center mom, a homebirthing mom? Did you like your experience? What would you do differently next time?

I was gonna have both my babies in the birth center right by my house but since I went early with both they were both delivered in the attached hospital with the midwives in attendance. Our local hospital is great - very pro-natural (for moms that want that sort of birth) and with a midwifery practice associated with the hospital's L&D.

  1. Allie Watts1 year ago

    I delivered both of my boys in a hospital with a midwife. I was induced for medical reasons both times, but other than that, I had pretty good births with both babies. The second time, I used hypnobabies as my birth technique and I loved it. Worked really well. I'm done having babies, but I'd do it the same way (minus the inductions) if I were to have another.

  2. Christa1 year ago

    I was gonna do hypno but waited too long and ended up doing both my births without any classes or coaching or methods beyond instinct. Worked for me :) :)

  3. ErinT1 year ago

    I was high risk, so hospital was really the only choice for me. There was a birthing center IN my hospital, which I considered, but ended up being induced so I had to be on the regular L&D floor. I did Lamaze classes, but ended up getting the epidural anyway. It got to the point that with the induction I was getting every intervention conceivable, except the one that would make me feel better, so I gave up and asked for the epidural. I didn't want a c-section so I held out as long as I could, because the epidural can slow down labor, but it turned out fine. Even though the delivery was probably the opposite of everything I would have stated as my "ideal" delivery, it went well and I wouldn't change a thing.

  4. Gemini851 year ago

    I had both my boys in a hospital with a midwife. It was an amazing experience.

  5. dstingu1 year ago

    I had planned on an all natural birth at the birthing center near, but we all know planning for anything in regards to birth is for the birds. My little bugger flipped–in the 35th week–to breech, and got stuck in spite of all my efforts, so I had to opt for a scheduled cesarian in hospital. I'm terrified of surgery and anesthetics, so it was a whole lot of everything I didn't want, but in the end I had the healthiest of baby boys in my arms, so all the rest is moot I suppose!

  6. SoCalMomOf31 year ago

    My first was born in the hospital. I wanted to have her in the birth center (a beautiful set up!) but ended up in L&D because i was in a car accident and needed to be induced. My two boys were both born at home, with my mother as my midwife. All of my L&D were natural without medicine. My labor with my daughter was almost 11hrs, with my first son was 3hrs, with my second son it was 1.5 hrs.

  7. Meg 1 year ago

    As much as I would love the home birthing or birthing center experience, it really scares me. I had a lot of bleeding immediately after delivering my daughter- like A LOT - and I question how it would have been handled had I birthed outside of a hospital. Everything just happened so fast - shot of petocin in the leg, hand ultrasound to look at uterus, doctor had to physically reach into my uterus to pull out clots and any remains of placenta, drip of petocin in IV, bag of antibiotics, c-section worthy dose of epidural...I then was monitored for 24 hours. It was pretty intense and nothing I could have ever prepared myself for. If you are going to birth at home, please have a good emergency plan, should your plans go south. xoxo

  8. Jane P.1 year ago

    I had my first in a birthing center next to a hospital with a midwife. The delivery ended in a c section (failure to descend) after 22 hours of labor. My second was born in a hospital with a doctor due to higher risk. The delivery ended with a VBAC and could not have been more impressed with the doctor and hospital staff. I loved the midwives but this proved to me that it can be the delivery you want even with a doctor.

  9. KSquared1 year ago

    I had my son at home. It was a super quick labor - 5 hours total. So as you can imagine it was super intense. But I can honestly say that I loved being home, eating and drinking as much as I wanted, and being in whatever position made me comfortable. I had a great support system and my midwives were amazing! I would definitely do it again!

  10. BrooklynMama 1 year ago

    I had to have a scheduled c-section due to my daughter being breech so I had a hospital birth. I tried all sorts of excercises and went to half a dozen chiropractor appointments to try and get her to turn but she wouldn't budge. I might try a vbac for my next baby as long as my doctor okays it

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