Lightweight backpack carrier w/ frame

I'm looking for a lightweight backpack carrier that I can take my 7 month old daughter for walks in. We have a dog and so it's easier with the backpack. I have one now without a frame but it's very tight and she's only 16lbs. Any recommendations? It doesn't have to be crazy for hiking or anything like that. Thanks!

  1. Christa10 months ago

    We actually have a giveaway going for the new Phil & Teds frame baby carrier here:

    I have friends who swear by their Kelty with the stand. Not sure what model but def. lightweight!

  2. Tracerz9 months ago

    Thank you we got a Kelty and love it!!

  3. Christa9 months ago

    :) I've heard super good things about the Kelty obviously!

  4. Nicole'sExpecting16 hours ago

    You seem very active! Any family who is active might also enjoy EquiptBaby.

    It is a bag, portable bassinet (collapsible and totally awesome), and a changing pad.

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