Product Overload! Help!!

I am due the middle of August and feel so overwhelmed by my baby registry and what I need versus just want. I already have a 17year old son so I'm really starting over again with this one. I find myself debating back and forth on every product from bassinets to baby baths. I already have some of my big items, like the car seat, stroller, baby monitor, some toys, a swing/rocker, diapers, breastfeeding pillow, and plenty of clothes. I plan on breastfeeding so I know I won't need a lot of feeding supplies. Some things I feel I should wait on like a crib, and just get a bassinet. I was interested in the Graco Day 2 Night Play yard with portable bassinet but don't know if that's best. What items seemed to work for you at the very beginning and what was worth buying later? What was a waste of money all together?

  1. Meg 8 months ago

    For me... let's see. Worth it: 1. Snap and Go 2. Baby Bullet (if you plan on making food) 3. Baby swing 4.Bouncer seat 5. Born Free Bottles 6. Safety 1st Secure Support Infant Bath Cradle

  2. E.Silva8 months ago

    If you're rooming in I'd say get a bassinet first but if you're planning on the baby starting out in the nursery I'd say go straight for a crib because you're just spending extra money on something you're only going to use a few months. If you do go the bassinet route the best thing I've ever used is one of those portable rocker things....ill post another comment with name in a min-my brain isn't letting my memory work all the way right now lol

  3. E.Silva8 months ago

    Rock and play sleeper. That's what they're called. But yeah, easy to move around with and light enough to carry in one hand. Baby slept so easily in it.

  4. Cheerio7778 months ago

    Think long term and look at babies r us recommended lists for baby registry. Diapers size n and size 1 pampers sensitive wipes. Butt Paste. Aveeno Fragrance Free baby wash and lotion. Medela breast pump like symphony or backpack.

  5. Cheerio7778 months ago

    If use cloth diapers, use ones without wool and apply coconut oil to butt before closing diaper.will need 24 diapers to start out and I would use ones that you can use from newborn to training to save money

  6. ShaneaMiles8 months ago

    Ok great! Thanks all for the feedback

  7. Cheerio7778 months ago


  8. Christa8 months ago

    I think for us the big 'never got used' products were the shopping cart cover, the fancy newborn clothes (ours spit up so much), the very small shoes, the tiny blankets, the wipe warmer. But if you see yourself walking a lot, definitely invest in a high quality stroller to save your back! We use strollers and also do babywearing so we had both.

  9. Cheerio7778 months ago

    Graco stroller been great for us. It grey and has lots of compartments and two sets cup holders

  10. Norell8 months ago

    Buy as you go. I didn't need anything I bought beforehand. I ended up having to sell everything on Craigslist for nickels. The only things I got use out of were my snap n go stroller, the baby bjorn carrier, and the mamaroo.

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