needing advice and help

We just found out our almost four ur old son has autism spectrum disorder an need help support advice

  1. Hillary M4 days ago

    Hi Brandee. My 4 year old son Cole was just Dx with autism in September. I would love to offer any advice or support that you need. I also started a moms group that you may be interested in joining on Facebook. Lots of ASD mamas in the group. Click here and I'll add you:

    It's not easy to do this alone. Xoxo

  2. Tiffany J4 days ago

    Hi there! You're definitely doing the right thing by reaching out. In the coming weeks and months, you'll probably have a jumble of challenges: getting the right services for your kiddo, trying to figure out who to tell what/when/how, confronting your own feelings (and those of others) about mental health, neurotypicality, and individual challenges... it's a big, big can of worms.

    You have a diagnosis, which means there are plenty of services and organizations in place to help meet your family's needs. The person who diagnosed your child should be able to put you in contact with local groups that can do everything from offer support groups to provide scholarships/aide money for ABA therapy. Definitely take full advantage of these. Any type of service your child will benefit from (Speech, ABA, OT, etc) will go much farther the earlier you start.

    Above all, you didn't cause this. It's not your fault. And different isn't wrong. Take every day as it comes, realize that you have people all around you that love and support your family, and talk, talk, talk it out. No one does this alone.

  3. Lizzabette4 days ago

    Hello! My six year old was diagnosed when he was three.

    If you live in MA, I have plenty of resources. Also, check out my blog post on starting the IEP process. He should qualify for summer services through your public school system.

    I'm also the vice president of the Salem SPED Parent Advisory Council.

    My advice is take the weekend and feel what you feel. Then on Monday you spring into action. The important thing to remember is your son is who he's always been. You just now have more information about him.

    Things to Google:

    The May Institute
    Mass Advcoates for Children
    Federation on Children With Special Needs
    Wright's Law
    ARICA Law (in MA)

    Therapies that can help:
    ABA and PBIS (I highly recommend the May)
    Physical Therapy
    Speech Therapy
    Occupational Therapy

  4. Barb Tracey-Butterfield4 days ago

    My 12 yr old is autistic & was diagnosed at 3 yrs old. If there is anything at all you would like to pick my brain about it's yours! Please don't hesitate to contact me & if I can't answer anything I may know someone else with the answers! You are not alone!

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