Feeling Lonely

This is my first pregnancy and wasn't planned. My husband is so happy and so are family and friends. I'm 15 weeks and it feels like everyone forgot about me. Everyone is busy with their lives. It feels like I always have to message someone to hang out and they are always too busy to hang. Nobody text me or calls me to see how I'm doing. So it's very lonely and it doesn't help because my husband works late.

  1. MommaBear20144 weeks ago

    I feel very similar. My baby is almost a year old now and I moved to a different state last June. I pretty much have zero friends because everyone doesn't live here or doesn't have kids. I see all of my friends going about their lives and I'm here by myself. It's rough.

  2. Jazzy4 weeks ago

    *hugs* mama, you are not a lone! I'm 2 hrs north of you, morris county, but I'm here if you need an ear. ;)

  3. Annlizmarie4 weeks ago

    Thanks. :) It's hard when you don't have people who understand and no one else is pregnant.

  4. Meg 3 weeks ago

    Hey mama - you are far from alone, as you can see from these comments. You can also read this post and the comments below and you will find even more expecting moms who can relate.


    As you are doing already with this post, continue to seek out support on this site and locally if there are opportunities. In addition to the forum, you can leverage our MomFinder to find other moms near you (and online) who are also pregnant. Now is a great time to start building these relationships to help you through your pregnancy and once you have your little one, you'll be setup with some great friendships.

    Huge congrats! You've got this.

  5. Annlizmarie3 weeks ago

    Thank you so much everyone. I was nervous at first to write because I don't what's normal for a pregnant women and thought maybe I was just going a little crazy lol haha. I am resulting happy I wrote and appreciate the comments and your time for answering. You all are a help and it helps to know that there are others out there that understand or who want to help.

  6. mybgynorlando2 weeks ago

    Do not be sad. :) You'll important to all of them. Maybe you can ask them for a dinner and for all of you to have a talk?

  7. Annlizmarie1 day ago

    Thanks. That's why we are planning on doing

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