Work from home moms!

Hi everyone! I'm brand new here and just wanted to connect with other moms who work from home! I have two girls in school, and three other little ones at home. I sell mascara online as my at home job. Anyone else go crazy trying to do it all!? :) Excited to meet you!

  1. Christa2 months ago

    Yes and yes! I'm an independent marketing specialist with a bunch of clients. It's not easy!

  2. Katmomof52 months ago

    I'm trying to be more organized this year! Hopefully I can stick to a good schedule! I'm desperate for one! :)

  3. kellymom42 months ago

    Hi everyone! I am a stay at home mom from Ohio! I have been working with our team and company for over 13 years around my 4 kiddos. I work with a 29 year health and wellness company. It has been a lot of fun and I don't miss a moment! Would love to meet others working from home!

  4. Katmomof52 months ago

    Nice to meet you Kelly! I work for Younique! Wow, 13 years!! That's amazing! :) It's so nice to work from home and still be able to be home with the kids! :)

  5. Twinmom091 month ago

    Hey katmom, I am a single young mom basically trying to survive lol I don't have a lot of time flexible jobs are hard to get it's so frustrating. If your in a good work at home job I'd be interested if they are looking for people.

  6. Kari Cyhaniuk1 month ago

    I have been a work from home mom for almost 6 months.

    I do get over whelmed sometimes. But I remind myself that this is what I wanted. I wanted to be there for my kids. I wanted to do pick up and drop off. I wanted to be raise my children, not let someone else do it.

  7. Twinmom091 month ago

    I feel the same way! Between the snow days delays openings, holidays, there is just so much going on I want to be around. Are you making good money?

  8. Sarahwill1 month ago

    I work as a free lance web developer. I do couple of projects each month and make some money from home

  9. Katmomof51 month ago

    I love being able to stay home with the kids and still contribute towards our income!

    I guess I would rather be home and overwhelmed instead of at a full time job and not see my kids all day :)

    Do you all get to have "me" time very often?

  10. mama2fourboys3 weeks ago

    I also have 5 kids (all boys) and I work full time, until my business replaces my salary (VERY SOON!!)

    I do It Works! Global and have A LOT of success. Helping others has given me back 10fold.

    I'm looking for international business partners, so if you're curious to know more, you can check out my short 2 min video and we can take it from there :)
    I am also having a virtual wrap party tonight, and you don't even have to leave your house!! :)

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