South Shore Moms - Let's hang out! (ONGOING)

Would love to hang with some local moms and share ideas for indoor play on the South Shore. It's freaking cold outside!!! I chose a warm photo so we can all dream of warmer days on the beach....... I'm in Hull but willing to venture out!

  • Date Mar 1st, 04:30 PM - Aug 1st, 04:30 PM
  • Type Mommy Group
  • Age Groups Moms and little ones
  • Organizer Meg
  • South Shore
  • A Street ,
  • Hull, MA

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  • Mar 1st, 04:30 PM - Aug 1st, 04:30 PM
  • Hull, MA

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I am one of the co-founders of Mom Meet Mom. I am also a mother to a toddler, Jack and new baby, Ell...

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Also, this is a long shot but do any moms surf on the south shore? I am hoping to get out there on a somewhat regular basis, especially when the weather gets warmer.

Meg - 2 months ago

We go to mamas moves in norwell. Great prices, safe and clean and fun. We can always meet up there. My twins still nap twice a day so late afternoon works for us between 1-3

LiliHedrick - 2 months ago

I would be down for that. Love that place.

Meg - 2 months ago

Hey! I'm in Hull too! Just moved here from DC. What about playdipity in Cohasset?

smconstantine - 2 months ago

Also - I'm starting a South Shore Chapter of Hike it Baby - so if anyone is up for hikes what not, be on the look out!

smconstantine - 2 months ago

Love playdipidy and Hike it Baby sounds awesome! Feel free to post your hikes here. We will be rolling out more of a group capability via Socials soon also so be on the look out for that. In the meantime, if you do post a Social about Hike it Baby, I suggest you ad (Ongoing) to the title, as I did in this post, and schedule it for way out - like August so more moms will join over time.

Meg - 2 months ago

Hi ladies! I'm on the South Shore - in South Weymouth. My youngest is 3 and I'd love to get her out and about since she's pretty shy!

Kate Athavale - 2 months ago

If any of you have specific ideas in mind to get together maybe create a separate social and if we can go we'll RSVP? I want to keep this Social open for general chat and to throw out ideas. Can't wait to meet some of you!

Meg - 2 months ago

I like to go to the puppet story time at the Cohasset Library. It's usually Tuesday mornings 10:30-11:00. Playdipity is also great. We're in a tumble fun class at South Shore Community Center and Music Together is always a fun class to take in the winter for something to do.

Rachel - 2 months ago

That sounds adorable, Rachel! I bet my daughter would love that. I can't go next week but perhaps the following.

Meg - 2 months ago

Meg, have you been to see Mamasteph at the library? She'll be there Monday the 26th. It seems like the following Tuesday, it's just regular story time, no puppets. I don't know if this link will work, but this is the Cohasset schedule...

Rachel - 1 month ago

I've started a Hike it Baby Hingham chapter - serving the whole South Shore area! We will be doing at least one "hike" a week - check us out at and! First hike/walk is this thursdsay -

smconstantine - 1 month ago

Hey there! I'm new to the south shore area and have a 14 month old little girl Mariah. I'd love to be able to meet up with other fabulous momma's. I've heard of most of the places you are mentioning I'd love to join one day! Danielle :)

DaniK. - 1 month ago

Danielle I love your daughters name! Adorable!

LiliHedrick - 1 month ago

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